Will insurance cover the water damage to my property

Will Insurance Cover the Water Damage to My Property?

Water heaters often go wrong due to faulty electrical components, but you still do not want to wake up to a basement flood caused by a faulty water heater. If a leak occurs in your home, you may ask yourself whether your homeowner’s insurance covers water damage.

You can file water damage insurance claims in this case by going through an agent who can help you start the process. Unfortunately, many kinds of water damage are not covered by insurance.

Generally, if water damage from a broken pipe or a sudden leak inside your home is accidental or sudden, the damage is likely to be covered by homeowners insurance. However, if the water emerges from the outside, your standard homeowner’s insurance will not cover it. Flood insurance, however, protects from flood-related damage as a separate policy that can be a wise choice when combined with your existing policies.

  •      Accidental overflow from an appliance, such as a washing machine or toilet
  •      Rain or snow damage to property
  •      Pipes burst and pipes freeze, resulting in plumbing problems
  •      Extinguishing a fire can result in water damage
  •      Water damage from roof leaks inside your house

Insurance does not cover these types of water damage

Water damage is covered by homeowners insurance depending on where the water came from. There are three conditions under which your policy won’t cover the problem:

  • Unattended maintenance problems. Water damage from leaking pipes or a faulty sink will likely not be covered by the homeowner’s policy. 
  • Water damage repair or replacement at the source. If water damage to your laundry room floor has happened due to the washing machine, the costs of replacing your washing machine will not be covered by your homeowner’s insurance. Instead, the policy will cover the cost of repairing the floor.
  • Flood-related issues. You will have to purchase separate flood insurance coverage if you encounter flood damage in your home. 

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