What are the Signs of Water Damage at Home

What are the Signs of Water Damage at Home?

Homeowners can experience both safety concerns and inconveniences from water damage. Unfortunately, homeowners often overlook the signs of this damage, resulting in more expensive repairs down the road.

To avoid paying high water damage repair costs, hiring professionals who can provide reliable and cost-effective water damage solutions is essential. Furthermore, note the following signs soon to prevent any severe long-term damage from occurring.

Foul Odor

Whenever moisture is left unattended, mildew and mold can grow. In most cases, water leaks will produce a musty odor as a result. Therefore, you must inspect the area if you notice any unusual smells to notice intensifying. Additionally, depending on the source of the damage and the room’s temperature, the site may feel slightly damp or humid.

If you notice sudden changes in the smell in the attic or basement of older homes, you should consider whether it is a negative sign. Any foul odor you smell in your new house should determine whether mold or mildew has built up. 

Water Dripping Sound

It is sometimes difficult to see water damage, but you can hear some of the symptoms. There is a high possibility that dripping water, creaking floorboards, or leaky faucets will cause a localized smell. There is possibly a problem with one of your hidden pipes that need to be addressed as soon as possible. 

Moreover, if you have portable car or truck wash bays at your place, you should let the excess water drain typically.

Peeling Walls

The same thing can happen to walls when there is mold or moisture, such as warped flooring. Mold can also cause the walls to become discolored and deteriorate over time.

Water damage in a house is visible when the walls are excessively moist. The walls will be weak and may damage the paint and the baseboards. When you see wall damage, it typically means that there has been a leak out of sight for some time. Unfortunately, when you notice the damage, it is already too late to repair it.

Pools and puddles

Small pools of water may form if you notice leaking or dripping of water. When you see a puddle of unusual size in your home, make sure to clean it to ensure that it will not return. Getting rid of the puddles is not always enough, and you may need to check for seepage or leaks after a few hours.

Mold Growth

Many molds can grow in your home, which is a sign that there is a lot of moisture caused by a water damage situation in your home. Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee that the mold won’t grow back even if you get rid of it without hiring professionals.

Increasing water bills

Your water or sewer bill may also suddenly increase if you have water damage. Make sure you compare your bill to your previous bills. Identify the factors that led to an increase in water consumption. Water bills may fluctuate quite a bit, but a sudden spike may be a sign there’s something wrong.

Floor damage

In corners or in rooms that aren’t used frequently, flooring usually begins to show signs of wear and tear. Your home may have a leaking pipe or a saturating foundation if water seeps into the subflooring. The tiles on your floor may loosen, and you might notice that they are wet. The carpets on your floor may feel damp.

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