Summerlin Water Damage Restoration

Swift response

We are a leading provider of water dam repair in Las Vegas and have earned our reputation by offering the highest quality services. Our response time to water emergencies at buildings has always been on time over the last ten years. The technicians in our company are available day or night on weekends and holidays so that you can receive the fastest response possible. For many years, we have been providing satisfying services to people who have been affected by water damage.

Preemptive measures 

When we arrive at the site, we take the most crucial steps to save the lives of the people inside the building and to save you a substantial amount in damage repair. 

To keep the people inside safe, we cut the electricity to the building, and this also prevents all the gadgets and appliances from short circuiting. Lastly, you should shut off all the primary and secondary water supply valves on the property to prevent further property damage if a flood-like situation occurs because of a plumbing issue. 

Assessment and planning

In order to plan the entire process, everything has to be secured first. Our experts know it well, determine the damage repair plan, and provide a cost and process breakdown. Every step will be communicated to you to ensure transparency and ease of the process. 

Water removal

It’s now time to get down to business. If electrical power is unavailable inside the building, our technicians set up pumps and motors that could run on generators. A suction pump of this quality is powerful and efficient enough to extract all the water within one hour after it is installed. Water removal is a key step in minimizing your cost for the whole process, so we never delay this step.

Drying and dehumidification

In the case of water contact with porous surfaces, water molecules can can seep through the surface and remain hidden for a long time, unless swelling, mold, or mildew develops over time. We use modern tools and scientific methods to detect areas absorbing water molecules that might pose a threat to the facility and its occupants.

The technician uses the moist detector and robust dryers to treat every area that might have absorbed water. By using safe dryers, hidden water molecules are kept at bay, and future threats are minimized.

Repair and restoration

Throughout the water damage repair process, we focus on damage mitigation. You will receive a low-cost bill for all salvageable inventories with our technicians. Water Damage Las Vegas will provide you with higher-level satisfaction services. After repairing the property, we also looked for ways to keep you from experiencing similar problems in the future.