Las Vegas Water Damage Cleanup

When it comes to water damage in Las Vegas, we are the obvious choice. In case of water damage, we perform the following processes and operations:

Emergency response

We begin the water damage restoration process as soon as we arrive at your location. Whenever you contact us, we treat it as an emergency and report to your location as soon as possible. No matter how much damage there is, we respond promptly and take care of the situation. Water damage situations can cost you thousands of dollars if you delay in dealing with them since you might have to discard your inventory and buy a new one. 

Protective measures

To protect people’s lives and your electrical appliances from current and short circuits, we cut the electricity to the building as soon as we reach your location. Once the primary and secondary water supply valves are shut off, the flow of water can be stopped if a pipe leak or malfunctioning appliance occurs. 

Water removal

Once our technicians have made a thorough analysis, they inform you of their plan and begin moving forward. The water removal process can begin as soon as the suction pumps are placed in the water-filled area. As soon as we remove the water, we protect your property from further damage by removing all the water within minutes. In order to protect your property from collateral damage and get it fully restored, we remove all the water from the building.

Drying and dehumidification

As soon as all the water has been dried, it’s time to focus on drying everything inside. Your property is vulnerable to swelling and breaking when water seeps through the pores and seeps through the surface. By using fans and constructing temporary air tunnels, we can remove all the humidity from inside the building so that it can dry. All water vapors will be removed from the building by the continuously flowing airstream, eliminating the stale odor. 

Cleaning and sanitization

Water will start causing damage to the vulnerable areas as soon as it touches the floor and areas it shouldn’t be. It will also increase the number of bacteria and viruses in that area, which is the most devastating effect of such a situation. Bacteria and viruses will remain after the water is removed, increasing colonies. To ensure your safety, our technicians use sanitizers and robust chemicals that are safe to use on people to clean the area thoroughly. 


As a result of hidden water molecules, mold, and mildew can grow on your property. Our technicians use the latest technology and tools to detect hidden water molecules. In order to eliminate the hidden water molecules, robust and powerful heaters are needed, which are safe for your property and fatal for the molecules within.