Is Water Remediation Necessary

Is Water Remediation Necessary?

Flooding or leaks in a basement usually cause water damage to the basement. Millions of dollars in damages are caused each year by water damage, which also ranks as one of the top home insurance claims causes.

Water damage to the basement is not only aggravating structural problems and causing foundation issues, but it can also cause damage to your belongings and the interior finishings of your house and promote toxic mold growth.

Water can leak through a small hole, a leaking pipe, a sump pump failure, or a weak foundation. If your basement has experienced water damage, the first step towards restoring it is to turn off all power in the area and gas supply to appliances whose pilot lights and systems are underwater.

Water Damage Mitigation Process

Professionals should complete several steps of the water mitigation process to ensure success. Typically, they follow the following steps:

Step 1: Inspect

Water extraction services must know what type of situation they are dealing with before working. It is done by defining how much damage has been caused by the water.

Step 2: Remove Water and Dry Out Home

The water mitigation company chooses the correct equipment to eliminate excess moisture depending on the category and type of water damage. We have heavy-duty fans, pumps, vacuum cleaners, dehumidifiers, and air scrubbers. Mold and bacteria are prevented from growing by the water mitigation specialist’s rapid extraction of the water.

Step 3: Remove Damaged Items

Items such as drywall, furniture, carpet, and other damaged materials are removed from the home.

Step 4: Provide Temporary Solutions

The water mitigation technician will provide temporary solutions while waiting for the drying process and water damage restoration to be completed. To prevent further damage, these solutions may include boarded-up windows, trapped areas, and more.

Step 5: Determine Next Steps

Water damage mitigation professionals determine if damaged items should be repaired or replaced after water mitigation. Then, they develop a plan based on that information.

How Long Does Water Mitigation Take?

In general, the time should depend on the extent of the damage. Experts suggest, however, that a large room might take up to 72 hours to dry. Considering that mold spores can be created within 24 hours, you must keep this in mind. Moreover, mold is a corrosive agent that damages your home and can pose severe health risks.

Mold and mildew can take up to another week to remove after drying. Therefore, the first few weeks of reconstruction are often longer than you expect. From the beginning until the end of reconstruction, the whole process could take about three weeks. The length of time needed for a home that requires a lot of maintenance will increase.

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